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A creed embodying the Nicene was drawn up by St. To those who believed in Arianism during ancient times, Jesus was a person who wasn't exactly like other people, but was not the equal of God, either. Having won over Constans, who warmly took up his cause, the invincible Athanasius received from his Oriental and Semi-Arian sovereign three letters commanding, and at length entreating his return to Alexandria Such a deep controversy within the Church during this period of its development could not have materialized without significant historical influences providing a basis for the Arian doctrines.

These men of the Via Media were named Semi- Arians. He believed that the Son of God did exist before time, but that the Father created him and therefore the Son of God is not eternal like the Father.

A creed was drawn up on behalf of the Arian party by Eusebius of Caesarea in which every term of honour and dignity, except the oneness of substance, was attributed to Our Lord.

Although he was committed to maintaining what the church had defined at Nicaea, Constantine was also bent on pacifying the situation and eventually became more lenient toward those condemned and exiled at the council.

And of these wranglings the rationalist would take advantage in order to substitute for the ancient creed his own inventions. Theodosius, a Spaniard and a Catholic, governed the whole Empire.

Because of the fact that all of the whole conglomeration of concepts concerning Arianism came from a priest named Arius who lived during the antiquated ages of early Christianity and taught his beliefs to others while he existed, early Christians dubbed many forms of thought that followed that appeared to follow that line of thinking 'Arianism' after the Arius who, during the time that he was alive, taught that Jesus was not divine in nature in a manner equivalent to God.

A council was, therefore, assembled in Nicaea, in Bithynia, which has ever been counted the first ecumenical, and which held its sittings from the middle of June, In the whole story there is but one single hero - the undaunted Athanasius - whose mind was equal to the problems, as his great spirit to the vicissitudes, a question on which the future of Christianity depended.

The heresiarch and his followers underwent their sentence in Illyria. But the Arian, though he did not come straight down from the Gnostic, pursued a line of argument and taught a view which the speculations of the Gnostic had made familiar.

But the question how the Son was related to the Father Himself acknowledged on all hands to be the one Supreme Deitygave rise, between the years A. While Catholic teachers held the Monarchia, viz.

While Catholic teachers held the Monarchia, viz. These consequences follow upon the principle which Arius maintains in his letter to Eusebius of Nicomedia, that the Son "is no part of the Ingenerate. Dionysius of Alexandria was even denounced at Rome for calling the Son a work or creature of God; but he explained himself to the pope on orthodox principles, and confessed the Homoousian Creed.

In contrast, among the Arian German kingdoms established in the collapsing Western Empire in the 5th century, there were entirely separate Arian and Nicene Churches with parallel hierarchies, each serving different sets of believers.

Personal issues disguised the dogmatic importance of a struggle which had gone on for thirty years. After this, Constantine had Athanasius banished since he considered him an impediment to reconciliation.

Arianism Essay

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Check out our top Free Essays on Arianism to help you write your own Essay. Custom Arianism Essay Arianism was a belief that was unbelievably divisive with regards to Christians during the earliest times of Christianity's existence.

Arianism is a belief system which questions the divinity of Jesus as well as some of his divine origins. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Below is an essay on "Arianism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. ARIANISM One of the earliest and probably the most important item of debate among early Christians was the subject of Christ’s deity/5(1).

The heresy, Arianism, was a semi-popular movement during the early patristic period that was started by the Egyptian theologian Arius. Arius somewhat unknowingly brought about the most significant Trinitarian problem the Catholic Church had ever seen.3/5(5). Arianism Essays: OverArianism Essays, Arianism Term Papers, Arianism Research Paper, Book Reports.

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An essay on arianism
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