Writing a portfolio sample

Careful revision is a mark of careful thinking—and respect for readers. New faculty have more opportunity for mentoring. Revision tells readers that writers care about their work and how it will be read. Steck LinkedIn allows for a section where you can add professional content to your profile page as well as publications you've written for.

I am writing a collection of essays about this author and plan to publish one of his nonfiction works as an ebook. Every time you upload a piece, Pressfolios automatically clips a PDF version and saves it to the cloud.

Example 3 Mahesh at Enlighten Writing has organized his portfolio into sections.

ePortfolio Examples

Like Journo Portfolio, you can add links, upload PDFs or embed multimedia pieces, including podcasts. If you do invest in your own active marketing, sending clients to a third-party site puts you at risk of losing the client to another writer if they choose to explore their options.

Use these to add some of your top samples to your Summary. After starting from scratch you may have to start from scratch again and again until you find the site that works for you at that specific moment in time.

Journo Portfolio On Journo Portfolio, you can create a modern, no-fuss online portfolio. Over time, students told us that they were frustrated by this method.

How to Make an Impressive Writing Portfolio

It's a great way for you to fill out your professional page with professional work, though it probably isn't the best for a standalone portfolio.

In some cases, that may be true. Now think about what that particular sample says about you. Here are two sample chapters: This is optional but can work well. If the artist finds employment with an organization that has deadlines or expectations, this candidate will be able to meet them.


While not specifically geared towards writer portfolios, the joy of WordPress is that you can do pretty much anything you want with it. The text-to-speech program provides a built-in instant feedback feature to help you improve your English pronunciation.

Final Saudi Arabian documents transcripts and degree certificate must be sent directly from the home institution or directly from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau, Ottawa. Besides, we feared that students would revolt, and we sympathized.

You can schedule an appointment at the SSC by calling or dropping by room All students could take a writing exam at a specific date. ePortfolio Examples Welcome to the Auburn University ePortfolio Examples page.

Below are links to ePortfolios from Auburn students and alumni. Here you will find a variety of ePortfolios that include thoughtful reflections and relevant artifacts that showcase. A writing portfolio is a collection of student writing that's intended to demonstrate the writer's development over the course of an academic term.

As a freelance writer, you’re used to sharing writing samples when you pitch stories or apply for new gigs. If you usually send links to online clips or attach a PDF to your emails, you should consider switching to an online portfolio.

The final result is a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing portfolio which combines the best bits of other rivals with a generous helping of its own bonuses to make a really good all-rounder for building your portfolio. Please do not include any additional information such as your name or email address in this field.

Please enter only your sample writing piece with no other information. Inspiration for your own portfolio: some writing portfolio examples from our users around the world.

Writing a portfolio sample
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